About Us

Our role is to foster entrepreneurship, providing guidance to help small businesses to grow and generate more employment, helping to develop the Brazilian economy. We have a network of almost 700 onsite service centers throughout the country.

We count on more than five thousand small business experts and a large pool of external consultants working towards transferring knowledge and know-how to those who own or intend to start a company. We are always ready to support those who dream about standing on their own feet and starting-up a business.

For this purpose, we provide our expertise so that you can understand your market, clients and become able to develop a good business plan. You can count on our small business experts either onsite or through our virtual platform.

Wake up – The first step to reach success is finding out if you already have the entrepreneur’s behaviors and skills.

Gather – Next, you need to gather information to consistently support your business plan and design your business model.

Know – The third step is to organize and analyze the collected information.

Consult – Afterwards, you have to verify the feasibility of your business model and check out how to identify if the project will generate financial return.

Enroll – The last step is to register the business. Find out what is needed to register your business according to the legal framework of your sector.